Repair, Protect, Insulate and Save Money with ThermSeal - Throughout the UK people are enjoying warmer winters, cooler summers and lower energy bills as a result of a single application of ThermSeal Spray Foam Roof Insulation.

  • Roof Problems Repaired

  • Protects Against Future Roof Problems

  • Insulates & Stabilises Your Roof

  • Reduces Draughts, Damp & Condensation

  • Reduces Energy Bills & CO2 Emissions

As your roof ages its nails, slates and tiles often degrade making the roof progressively less water resistant and more susceptible to storm damage. This common situation often leads to the need for a complete re-roof which will be disruptive, time-consuming, inconvenient and expensive. Luckily there is an alternative - A single application of ThermSeal sprayed foam roof insulation. ThermSeal sprayed foam roof insulation stabilises the roof, bonding the slates or tiles together and to the structural and supporting timbers. Typically eliminating the need for re-roofing. Prior to installation any damaged areas will be restored by our technicians so that your roof retains its original character. In addition (and unlike a conventional re-roof), ThermSeal effectively insulates your loft, keeping the loft-space warmer and preventing condensation build-up.

Draughty loft space?


If you feel a flow of air as you open the loft-hatch, rain or snow often penetrate and dirt and dust blows throughout the loft space, you are likely to have a problem with the underfelt in your roof, or may even have no underfelt at all.

In addition to draughts, roof problems also impact your energy bills, due to the excessive heat lost through the faulty roof.

A single application of ThermSeal sprayed foam roof insulation directly onto the underside of the tiles or slates greatly improves upon the performance of the underfelt (which will be carefully removed prior to installation), thereby stopping the penetration of rain, snow and dust and preventing leaks and condensation.

Because ThermSeal foam insulation insulates so effectively, the result is a drier, cleaner, warmer roof space, where the risk of pipes and tanks freezing is eliminated and fuel bills can be reduced.

Make the Most of Your Home

It has long been recognised that ventilated roof spaces are a major source of wasted energy, and wasted energy, as we all know, is wasted money. A single application of ThermSeal Sprayed Foam Roof Insulation, applied directly onto the underside of roof tiles or slates, gives you a warmer, drier, cleaner roof-space, where the risk of pipes and tanks freezing is eliminated and fuel bills are reduced since less household heat escapes.

You can upgrade the thermal performance of a property without the need for expensive, disruptive external cladding. This gives energy savings and reduced Carbon Dioxide emissions. Also, because ThermSeal sprayed foam roof insulation moulds itself into the fabric of a building, it seals out draughts and reduces air leakage.

Due to the sealing qualities of the foam, a significant reduction in the airborne sound able to penetrate the property is achieved (particularly beneficial in those homes located within airport flight-paths). Humidity levels and condensation are also better controlled, providing improved air quality throughout the entire home.

Retrofitting of un-insulated or poorly insulated properties provides the biggest contribution to carbon dioxide savings, with an impact both on the local environment and globally. In the UK alone, over 100,000 properties have been treated with polyurethane foam insulation.

Save an extra 15% With Government Support

The UK Government's recognition of the important role that suitable insulation plays in reducing the UK's Carbon emissions is reflected in the reduction of VAT on ThermSeal sprayed foam roof insulation in the home to just 5%.

Save energy and reduce energy bills

When you have Roof Problems Repaired and/or Insulate Your Home with ThermSure Roof Insulation, not only will you enjoy warmer winters & cooler summers, but in addition you could:

  • Reduce Energy Wastage

  • Reduce CO2 Emissions

  • Lower Heating Bills

Given the current cost of energy, there could not be a better time to stop throwing money away and keep heat within your home with ThermSeal Roof Insulation.

Reduce Your Home's CO2 Emissions

It is widely recognised that thermal insulation can play a key role in protecting the environment by reducing the carbon dioxide emissions from your home. A ThermSeal application provides a highly efficient blanket of insulation with a thermal conductivity of 0.02W/mK. It is particularly cost-effective in terms of both the cost of application and the reduction of future energy consumption costs.

As part of its commitment to the 1997 Kyoto agreement to limit greenhouse gas emissions, the British government is enacting an amendment to the Building Regulations with the aim of dramatically improving the energy efficiency of all new buildings - particularly in the use of insulation. This gives as clear a sign as any of the effectiveness improved insulation demonstrates in reducing CO2 emissions from the home.

What's more, recent studies indicate that rigid foam insulation is more effective at reducing overall greenhouse gas emissions than standard mineral fibre. ThermSeal is fibre-free and It's closed-cell nature renders it very resistant to moisture ingress. Grades are available which achieve both Class '1' and Class '0' fire ratings when tested to BS476 Part 7 and Part 6.


Secure Your Roof, Secure Your Home

When it comes to home security, the Safety & Security of Your Roof is Paramount - Step up your security measures around your home, starting with your roof. It is vitally important that people have secure roofs as well as secure windows & doors; however it is easy to forget to look upwards when thinking about security and crime prevention. When most people look at their home, they can be forgiven for considering it solidly built and as secure as they can make it - perhaps with reinforced doors, double glazing and security systems; However, they may not be aware that their roof is often the weak link in the chain. The roof is a commonly used point of entry for burglars due to the quick and simple way in which it can be dismantled - The tiles are lifted up, the battens and felt are broken and the burglar is in your loft with quick, easy and likely undetected access to the rest of your house. ThermSeal Roof Insulation bonds incredibly strongly to roof slates or tiles, making them much more difficult and time consuming to remove and providing a rigid barrier between the outside world and your home.